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birdbox (2012-2019)

Stéfy, birdbox, mixed media, found objects, intaglio printmaking, 3d printing, 12 x 12 inches, 2012-2019 

birdbox is a multi-medium sculpture that explores the intersection of nature and technology. It challenges the mythicization that humans may retreat to "nature" to escape contemporary technological interventions. It complicates human and non-human audience engagement by including found objects, 3d printed branches, and organic materials. Here, the audience can be both human and non-human, and encourages viewers to ponder the ways that technology has made nature hypervisible and highly aestheticized. 


The work was first produced in 2012, as a nest that included found feathers, branches, string, and intaglio printed forms. The juxtaposition of organic objects and creative practice challenged the ways that materials are retrieved and repurposed. Seven years later, I have incorporated branches printed using a 3d printer, to emphasize the connection between technology and nature, blurring the line that separates the two. With industrial and technological interventions in the environment, human and non-human animals are becoming more subject to invasive and destructive colonial and capitalist practices. This work looks to emphasize the complexity of nature and its ever changing state. 

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