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a precarious train of thought, “Electric Circuit Festival’, performance, Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, 2017 (photo credit BR) 

Commissioned by the Electric Circuit festival in Katarokwi-Kingston, a precarious train of thought is a multi media performance which highlights non-consensual surveillance of non-human animals. This performance looks at human and non-human animal relationships with agency, surveillance, watching, survival and pleasure. The performance consisted of several media elements, a video projected on my nude body and a monitor connected to a hunting camera which I aimed at my body to capture scars, tattoos, crevices and imperfections. The hunting camera, traditionally used to watch non-human animals for science, pleasure and hunting, was a means of capturing my most vulnerable attributes. Whereas the audience could only see the projection on my back because of the dark lighting of the space, they had a glimpse of my body through the monitor beside me.

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